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I am super excited to show you my ref sheet made by the awesome @spookyfanny of my character/avatar Νεκρός!!! Please show them love!!!

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On the beat of Killing in The Name Of ; caps 

i'm going Odo mode (turning into goop the INSTANT i walk through my front door)

The gender of the day is a suspicious vampire on a train.

He was a punk
They did decay
What more can I say?

To me, making one of these blurry "intensifies" memes is a guaranteed laugh

He was a boy
They were a skeleton
Can I make it anymore obvious?

If anyone have resources on technological degrowth (not aprim stuff mind you) that would be greatly appreciated.

Wtf there's two people that came near the bean bags area and they started talking about me like I wasn't there.

Vanilla mastodon needs to add the thing monsterpit has where it adds "re: " to cw's when you reply to a content warned poste

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