me, gesturing wildly at mailing lists and group email and RSS and just email in general, because people seem to have forgotten that these things exist and are well-supported and decentralized and secure with the right tools

I've had this short story sitting in my drafts for a while, I want to finish it but the groove for it is gone. Might trash it or leave it in limbo.

I've configured this so that you should be able to sign up now, but I'll need to approve your account. If we've not met, feel free to DM me an introduction.

To clarify, discourse is an open-source forum server. We will be discussing furry topics such as ancom politics, writing, art, and fluffy animals.

I set up a discourse server at for fediverse furries and otherkin. Sign up and I'll approve anyone who isn't an asshole. Interested in modding? DM me for an invite to mod!

My first day in my new position: a sum up 

I have found an adorable moon goddess statuette on etsy that I could put on my work desk :3

Mmmh I have checked your files and it says right here that you're a total cutie.

@ChaosSkeleton actually, that is a common misconception. while thu'um is clearly of second declension, the -um suffix usually implies a neuter word, and so the correct neuter plural is thu'a

Hah but you see, dragonborn, thu'um is the singular of a shout. The plural would be a thu'i!

when you get tired of playing games on your nintendo console that's called ennuwii

non-binary, lol @ neckbeards 

In a republic, all are lords, that is, all despotize one over another.
-- Max Stirner

#anarchism #quote #bot

I'm halfway through the book "Life & Ideas: the anarchist writings of Errico Malatesta" and if I can sum him up in a nutshell: "your take is bad, and you should feel bad".

Hey le chauffeur, c't'un chantier de construction dans une zone de 50. Calme tes nerfs, tabarnak.

i'm serious deep green resistance is incredibly good

This is lewd, don't open if you don''t feel like it 

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