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Guess I should make an ...

I'm MC, aka Mission control. I've volunteered to help Red customize this instance.

I'm a who likes stories, and playing .

I used to be the admin of, but I accidentally destroyed it. Read the gory details here:

food, alc 

Think I'm gonna write a test chapter of a novel set in that post-apocalyptic fantasy setting I came up with earlier today. See how I like writing the setting before I plot out a whole novel. And that way I can also post the first chapter for free and maybe sell the rest of it on Gumroad.

Writing plans!!

self criticism (minor -) 

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There are no furry peertube instances apparently and I find that disappointing.

This one seems interesting, not sure what I'd post to it, though. MTG Arena gameplay, maybe, and perhaps some book reviews? At lest the terms and conditions are pretty good, and the retro theme is kinda cool. I could use 90s style stuff in my vids.

work (-) 

You know what, I've been so focused on streaming I forgot recording videos and putting them on a peer tube instance is a thing I haven't tried yet. Suggest an instance for me?

Post-apocalyptic fantasy setting idea 

Post-apocalyptic fantasy setting idea 

Trying very hard to restrain myself from typing "How to Design a Book Cover" into the search box of Duck Duck Go when I don't even have a book to put a cover on.

Question for Artist re: Commission rates 

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This isn't even like a "birdsite users are horrible" thing, this is just from the ads and garbled "in case you missed it" crap.

At least instagram is nice enough to tell you when you're all caught up.

Logged on to birdsite for a hot minute and the experience of just scrolling through was so horrible I actually prefer Tusky crashing on me several times a minute.

Guess who has two wings and has been researching self publishing at five in the morning?

I have no mouth and I must oh wait there it is. Spent the longest time looking for that you have no idea.

The best things in life are things a dragon cannot hoard, like love, friendship, and the ire of conservative acquaintances.

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