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A te͝rr͘i͡b̀l̵e͡ ͠nig̡h̕t̷
F̼̙͑̓̒̉͋̅͋ọ̴̴̝͕̭̿̈̉̎r̨̘̮̞͉̜͇̖̺̓̓͂̃̉͛͌͠ ̰̮̐ͣͤ̅̊̀͊͌͝͞a̵ͫ͗͏͇̱̥ ̯̤̩̱̱̳̣̌̋ͯ͑̄ͬ̏̀c̛̮̮̰̩̑̒ͧ̀u̦̻͛̍̅͟r̮̰̣̖͚͎͖ͫͤ̓̿š̸͙͕̪̥̬͇̖̋e͇̰̦̙̾̀̐̽̓ͦ͋ͤ̌

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I run an instance called and most of my friends are furry or kin, but beleive it or not i am neither, and I accept that I make no case for it

Larry David's comedy is neurotic erotica

Science and religion on a stage arguing over who's right while philosophy Heckles from the front row

I am not done being offline but i wanted to say: Lilith gets a bad rep and I'd take her over eve any day, as Jesus would've too

what's that one dog where the dogshow purebred haircut style makes it look like an alien

Gonna spare the TL my whining and do what I've never done before: log off

Registered Looks like there'll be some occult blogging in my future.

i've dropped the price of my pins on etsy to $9 to try to sell the rest of my stock there so the listing fees i had to pay don't go to waste when i move my shop to bigcartel!

please boost! :blobcatmeltlove:

sure gatekeepers are bad but what about goalkeepers, those mfers keep u from scoring

i don t even have a backspace key i do a typo i just keep fuckin goin i dont give a shit

Things feel really sparse lately. Like I'm missing a bunch of mutuals

want to paint a black cat dropping ceo's into their mouth

Sure my instance may be small but you get hand tailored admin responses to everything you say in the local chat

any enbies wanna kiss this enby thatd be neat

u may not like it but this is what peak male performance looks like ladies

You: be gay do crimes
You, after being robbed: wtf??

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