Is there an easy way to purge your followers/follows of dead accounts? Scrolling through and verifying each one is... Annoying

@Red I think it's some kind of degreasing cleaner

@zenhob @Red It's a Tears for Fears song

Let it all out
These are the boosts I cant do without
Come on
Im tooting at you
Come on 🎶

@ItsJenNotGabby @zenhob that explains so much! Thanks jen so glad you're here

@Red @zenhob I only know it because my mom used to listen to it all the time when I was growing up

@Red yes! you can sort by active/inactive followers

@JohnBrownJr oh? On the profile page or somewhere in the settings?

@Red settings i think i’ve done it once before, fairly recently

@JohnBrownJr are you on an app by any chance? I found what you meant But i habe to log into each instance for each one on the browser to unfollow

@SanfordianPhil @JohnBrownJr yah i found that but there's no unfollow button or anything and when i clock each dormant account it takes me to the instance itself and makes me log in to unfollow

@Red @JohnBrownJr oh yeah I thought there was. Maybe that was the thing that people kept accidentally unfollowing everyone using and they took it out? I swear I saw like check boxes there last time I looked at it

@JohnBrownJr @Red oh my godddd I had no idea this was here thank you

@Red there's a way to purge all from a dead (or any other) instance, like knzk or berries

@Red i *think* you select someone from that domain and then click this

@Red @rigatonimonster

there's also a way to only select "dormant" accounts

I forget what the treshold is, but they have to have been inactive at leas a month I think

@mal @rigatonimonster I figured it out, i had the ability to sort like this on mobile but the option to select them wasnt available until i used the desktop version.

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