Brother told me he is going camping
With a girl
Just as friends

If i had to guess I'd say
He asked her to go camping
She didn't say much back
He clarified just as friends
She said something like haha yeah maybe
He says how about this October
She says uhhh I'll have to ask my boss for time off
And now he's buying camping equipment

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I'm not saying this isn't possible, it very much is
But not with him its not

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The story is he talked about fishing and she wantsto go and "it evolved into camping, her idea."
Okay. Okay.

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@Red 99% of the time I am a staunch proponent of the idea that boys and girls can do things together and just be friends

But I think camping alone is that 1%

@Red Going camping with a girl but there's lots of other people going? That's fine.

Just the two of you? And you're saying you're NOT gonna fuck?

C'mon son, there'll at least be smoochin

@witchfynder_finder I wanna refute this but this is literally how me and my now-fiance hooked up :( @Red

@witchfynder_finder exactly my point, not to mention my brother is....
A white "good guy"

@Red Oof yeah he's definitely at least gonna try to get some and either succeed or lose a friend 😬

@Red Friends go camping.

Friends also fuck.

Not saying they're going to fuck, but they're going to fuck.

@Red So like...did...did she actually say yes? I'm confused now.

@XanderPendrake I'm not sure, my brother is the type to say that theoretical plans are going to happen for sure case he's excited about it

@Red .....ok.......

.....if I were the girl I'd move to another state, but ok.....

@witchfynder_finder I don't think even he is that forward or idiotic but i have underestimated him before

@Red Is it happening during the full moon? Is she a werewolf?

That's the only thing that makes sense to me at this point.

@Red I mean, he might be into getting mauled alive, I'm not judging.

@Red That's something one of my sisters has done with multiple guys, over the years. Apparently straight guys make the best no strings attached camping partners for certain sorts of out lesbian? I don't know how this camping economy works and I have been afraid to ask my sister any follow questions for fear of answers I'm not ready for.

@max curious! I wonder why. Maybe it's hard to find girls willing to do it in the same way it's hard for a straight guy to bring a straight girl alone?

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