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What is your favorite thing about your partner(s)?

@Red whenever I get irrationally upset about something, he doesn’t try to tell me I’m irrationally upset, he validates my feelings, which helps me calm down so much better

@Red She can be extremely sweet but she also has impeccable taste. I think one thing that really sticks with me about my husband is that when I'm with her, everything else is just a lot cooler. I'll do much more interesting stuff, I'll go to much more interesting places, etc. When I say "interesting" I mean "legitimately interesting to us both," like, we went on a date to a kooky old occult bookstore in Pioneer Square and the place was amazing, just as an example. That's a date to us.

@Colophonscrawl this is so nice. Rare to be partners with a legit friend

@Red I mean we're good together as partners because again, she has great taste in a bunch of different ways, but we encourage/"enable" one another's best qualities/habits. Once she's over here permanently (immigrating from the UK), a lot of leftover stuff from my life that's around by inertia and that isn't really helping me is going to be dumped or else transformed. I'm a different and better version of myself when I have her around.

@Red tie between the way they snorts and how they challenge me to think about things different

@Red they aren't angry at me for my shortcomings due to my mental illness and they love that i'm not angry at them for their '"shortcomings"" due to their mental illness and it takes all the anxiety and exhaustion that's in normal socializing away and makes them easy to exist next to. how bout u??

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