Probably racism?? Co worker stuff 


Ppl wonder why i don't like Satanism and its 100% because this guy is the first Satanist i ever met.

I beleive for sure Satanism has good ppl. Forrrr sure. But fuck it's hard to find them

@wintgenstein Satanism, like most religion, sounds great but the aesthetic attracts real shit bags

@Red there is a concerning amount of "i love the police" satanists

@zoe no joke this guy wants to quit his local church because some Satanists there are pro Antifa and he thinks Antifa is a terrorist organization

talking about shitheads 

talking about shitheads 

@Red he more Church of Satan than Satanic Temple sounds like?

@webweaver this q comes up a lot when i talk about this guy and he's a tst.

@Red yeah, i'm pretty sure i swapped those in my head... idk i can't be arsed to remember.

@webweaver afaik from what I've heard it seems like an asatru/odinism situation where one sect calls the others the bad ones

@webweaver @Red church of Satan is the occultist one by lavey satanic temple is the new atheists cosplaying as religious to sue under freedom of religion laws

@hope @webweaver yeah see that tst description sounds exactly like him.

@Red yeah I think most of the satanists I know are douchey Bros who range from 'progressive' like Dawkins to racist libertarian (mostly here)

That whole do what thou wilt thing is kinda similar to libertarians so I guess that makes sense ....

Satanism opinion 

Satanism opinion 

Satanism opinion 

Satanism opinion 

Satanism opinion 

@Red Anybody who willingly calls themself a Satanist is probably not the kind of person you wanna fuck around with tbh

And I say that with a flag hanging in my room which I got from a TST event and a copy of The Satanic Bible in my closet =P

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