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Have you ever had to deny a job because the request was too technical or beyond your abilities to do?

@Red are you trying to weasel out of whittling me those goats?

@taweret no, but I'm am thinking of selling stuff when i get good and I'm curious what it's like selling art

@Red seriously tho i have heard of other ppl doing this/pointing ppl in the direction of an artist who could help them and if i got a complicated furry request that would probably when i would be like uhhhh check out xyz artist instead

@Red not so far. I try to rise to the occasion

@interneteh have you ever tried and had the buyer pull out because they didn't like the execution?

@Red nope. They've always been happy. That includes a few technical things I've never done before, like doing lettering or painting on metal

@Red not beyond my abilities, but too mentally taxing, yes. most of that wasn't so much the work itself, but the incessant complaints and corrections by the client, who i suspect commissioned me not because they liked my work or style, but because i was available and within their budget.

now, i've done countless jobs that i felt i did not do to the best of my ability at the time for whatever reason and those still haunt me.

@Red now, the times i've denied those jobs were because i'd done work for the person previously and knew how they were to work with.

@extinct that part is my worst nightmare of selling art. Highly demanding customers.

@Red it's definitely a very thin line. i like to think i'm easy to work with and accommodating. i'm cool with making changes and fixes most of the way through the process and actively invite the client to brainstorm things with me when i give progress updates.

but when every little thing is nitpicked, including things that were approved previously, all the way up to the end, it just gets tedious and demoralizing. like, why did you come to me if you hate how i do everything?

@extinct have you ever had to scrap a project because the customer was endlessly picky like this?

advice on dealing with customers (long) 

advice on dealing with customers (long) 

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