I'm jealous of instances that aren't on that can change stuff other than a few colors and the background.

@Red (i think mastodon by default allows you to change css)

@zoe the css thing is how i changed the colors of the layout but changing fav/boost icons and the toot button either can't be done or was too complicated for the ppl that helped me

@zoe I'm incapable of both, the first because inconveniencing anyone is impossible and I'm terribly poor at tech stuff

@Red how well does this work

like, just paste it into inspect element's style editor

@zoe I'll save the link and try it when i get home.

@Red In my biased opinion most changes aren't worth the hassle. Many custom themes end up having unstyled elements because there's little QA

@Red im not on masto host but idk how the fucc css work


@FirstProgenitor @Red imagine trying to draw something, but you have no arms and have to yell what ur drawing should look like in great detail at someone in another room

@Red I may be able to help. There is a lot you can do, but it’s not always easy. (I’m also on and have done a couple crazy things so far.)

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