You ever have a question but you're afraid to all cause it might get you cancelled?

@taweret absolutely not, mastodon is not a place for discussing anything you don't know about.

@shade @taweret it is. My question was "how does one cure the hot hot on my bum bum"

@Red @taweret knowing is half the battle, and half the battle is just enough to really get you in trouble.

@Red yeah absolutely, and I have to keep it locked away

@Louisa mastodon is good but man it is not the place for admitting ignorance

@Red especially nuanced things: I want to acknowledge something is definitely bad, and then I want to ask questions about how that overlaps with other things, but I know because it's such a sensitive topic people will think I mean the bad thing is no big deal

Some things you really need irl friends who trust you and can see your body language and hear your tone of voice when you talk about it

@Louisa yeah for sure. I guess my issue is irl i don't have access to the wide variety of ppl i do on mastodon So i try to seek out info via Google n stuff but then i try to talk about my source (cough cough ex: contrapoints) and then i get in trouble for not knowing that source is bad and like
Can i just learn something new pls

@Red nah, i'm uncancellable. i just hurtle it out into the fedi and brace myself

@Red i will answer cancel-able questions privately and i promise not to cancel you

@Red well... sorta but more like I should really just look it up on my own first but I'm lazy

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