If c++ is so good how come there no c+++

@Red they kept doing it they just got more clever with the names

@zenhob @Red supposedly the name C# comes from C,
see it?


at that point you can just type c+2 since it's not incrementing anymore

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @Red
It must be a function that returns a function that increments the variable and adds the next argument you give to it ala

auto f = [&c](b) {return (c++)+b;};

@Red @SeanAloysiusOBrien Sorry, we're running on glucose deficit right now, also bad at words. :)

@violet @SeanAloysiusOBrien it's not you its my complete determination to never learn coding.

@Red @violet

this is why we communicate in code to avoid getting detected by Cory

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