@bort i had him in my mentions today too. Blocked the ones i saw but if it's still an issue tomorrow i might block the instance

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Question, please someone answer:

I posted a pic earlier that I fucking love. It got some boosts.

If someone responds to it, does the post copy to the person's masto server?

I ask because apparently some kiwifarms nazi fucknut popped into the thread and also responded.

My server has kiwifarms blocked so I didn't see any of those responses. I do see them if I go to the trolls page.

If kiwifarms users are able to respond to trolls post, does that mean that the instance they are on federates with them?

If that is the case, I'm just going to block the entire instance. I now have a mentally unstable troll creating accounts faster than I can block them to come harass me and other people.

Sorry for the ignorance, just need a sanity check before I block an entire instance and warn others of said instance.
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This is one of my favorite songs... and no, my sensitive ass is not currently crying because it's amazing lmao #fediplay #np

Eric Bellinger - "Reward"


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Dip shits out here like “I’m ass man” like this is Spartacus or some shit this ain’t a fucking game around here imposters get fucking leveled

Block rec 2 electric boogaloo 

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i spend all my time making the music that plays for the dating site commercials. it’s my life’s work. but, well, those things don’t work when you’ve been circumcised. i don’t blame the women though. if i were in their position... i understand.

@tasnyx @tarzanboy @healyn two people sword fighting over the circumcision law
You stab him, finally ending the fight
With his last breath he laughs and asks "who truly won?"
You look down at your crotch
There's a small blood stain.

@tarzanboy @healyn @tasnyx oh yeah well i think they should be mandatory! Skin is sin after all

Impossible to say who is 👍 and who is 👎

Block rec 2 electric boogaloo 

"Y'all got any books about runes!?" I yell at any passerby

I want to go to the new York library, it seems like a pretty dope place to like, read about shit

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buying an fleshlight 80% lower reciever to construct an untraceable fleshlight for covert ops

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