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So very glad that when tv producers looked at the movie marquis and it was all superhero movies they decided "hm, we should try this"

@Red i don't think lucas ever considered the issue since it didn't come up in any of the samurai movies he ripped off star wars from


A question that is never answered: how did the star wars universe prevent AI from taking over?

recommended block, gab/spinster 

recommended block, gab/spinster 

If you want to hear me talk about trying to have a baby and then hopefully like being pregnant and then hopefully like having a baby, you can follow me at @emmagene

Please don't be offended if I don't approve your follow, I'm gonna try to keep it pretty locked down but if we're mufos and talk some you're good to request. And also I'm not going to follow people first on there because I know it can be a sensitive subject so also don't feel bad if you don't want to interact with me there.


@Red i'll write a folk song about it warning of the dangerous cryptid in the style of woody gunthrie

Okay everyone smooth healyn left. We must come together and find a way to defend against his next assault

I must bid you farewell now friends. But perhaps, one day, if you truly believe, Smooth Healyn will return.

Smooth Healyn away!

bigfoot wearing a cone getting stuck in the trees at the bigfoot conservation forest

:weed: , semi-lewd 

Thinking about how Nintendo put a handle on the back of the Gamecube, like you were just going to carry it down the street like a breifcase.

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