@shade i watched season 1 and wrote it off but after watching Picard I'm craving more new trek

Saru is the first and so far only only good thing about Discovery

meta taking a break 

Picard show spoilers 

Loki (my cat) likes to play hairstylist (selfie ec, cat)

Picard show spoilers 

meta -, not like a current meta situation at all just a general fear of mine 

Picard show spoilers 

Picard lip syncing Klingon opera with a bajoran

Alt universe where the Picard show is literally a in universe talk show hosted by Picard

@Pawdraig check the comments of this thread i posted a link

Facebook status update: “Off to yoga class! One month down towards my new years resolution goals! #selfsuck in 2020!”

Ofc beast boy found and liked this toot

Paused 1 minute in to explain to my partner that data is dead sorta

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