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Times I've seen GWAR in concert: 7
Times I've seen GWAR in concert specifically to see GWAR: 0

KISS has the greatest fan/shit music ratio of all music history

@Red i was looking at wikipedia for an answer to the question "has tim curry ever played a normal man" and it seems the answer is no

The art on this box of black nitrile gloves looks like the cover art for a horror-thriller

underwear meta 

@Red @bee

lotta buzz around this thread. it's gonna sting if Red has proof and is not just pollen our legs.

*crossing my legs and dunking my teabag* so, how are things?

the fly episode of breaking bad was not in the manga and is filler

I’m gonna mash yer damn potaters, son

If you don't talk, boost or fav me before following i have to assume you have only the illest of intent

Unless it's a sci fi take that steph disagrees with. You're gonna answer for that shit

The cool thing about masto is you can make a meme thats like haha swiss cheese sucks holey mother fuckers and someone else will say "i like Swiss tho" and everyone's cool about it

could someone with a pc and video editing+screen capture shit pls make a meme for me

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