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Y'all ever think that were actively making mastodon a less attractive social media platform with our complete and utter distaste for normies

Dan Harmon has such a big ego he named his d&d show after himself and not after the DM

Pol but light 

Aerial view of an abandoned house in the middle of lavender fields, in Valensole.


Hey Portland people: if a visiting friend asked you to take them "somewhere beautiful" and it was raining, where would you go?

Put out the fires in the marketplace of ideas!

the fda told me not to drink cat piss...
i did it anyway...

Changing my entire identity because am internet meme hit too close to home

I keep one eye almost closed cause it's a lazy eye and I'm super self conscious about it but i just realised thisis a perfect excuse to get a Popeye costume for Halloween

A little protip for you from a woman: if a guy wants you to listen to a song, tell him he has to listen to a song you recommend in exchange, he'll stop pestering you with songs real fast

Faving the reply before it gets redrafted

Don't mess with me sonny Jim I'm the fastest fav in the West

secret never before seen photo of brooko 

Work, wtf 

@Red @Thomas

no no NO stop! you stop that.

besides. you're like a mile up in the air how you even consider yourselves part of this country.

Stop faving this and instead reassure me this is not me

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