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Crazy how liberal ppl become conservative when they get rich, huh

Probably racism?? Co worker stuff 

Probably racism?? Co worker stuff 

Bill maher is that rich white comedian that smokes cigarettes on strange and pretends to be edgy that the 80s couldn't get enough of, i guess

Pol stuff, Getting angry about cops 

It's Good and healthy to back away from the fedi, emotionally, at times

I would never need to watch another show again if they would just make a Dune anime

This Christmas in lieu of getting me a gift get yourself one. You deserve it

If you use she/her pronouns and you're posting under #MascMonday that's good as hell and you should keep doing it

Werewolves assemble at the local Dennys

If i said i wanted an anime like:
Ghost in the shell
Cowboy bebop
Death note

What anime would you suggest i watch

I love the idea of crunchyroll more than i actually like crunchyroll. I want to enjoy anime but none of the anime looks good

Speaking of Dragon ball z can we talk about gohan? The kid was suppose to be the one to surpass goku. He even beat cell as a teen. They extremely successfully made him out to be the next gen hero

Then they made him a nerd who have up fighting for 3 before 30.

Goku is broke and his henpecking wife won't let him fight until he makes money -a real plot point, for some reason

I don't want to see trunks and goten go to a mall and fight giant snakes. These ppl can destroy planets with a flick of the wrist stop cramming slice of life down my throat

Trying to push through dragon ball super on crunchyroll but god the first like 6 episodes so far has been nothing but filler

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