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Asking for help, boost + 

I haven't had weed in a few weeks and my dreams have gotten really vivid and strange. I had one last night where i went on a monologue about how god is a bad, Jesus is an unfair standard, and Satan is good, While being pulled in a red wagon by a dogsled team of children

Walking around like a Victorian era homeless child, begging for a jump start in the cold Colorado snow

I think I'm developing sciatica, aka the old man disease

Wtf is this #MastoMondays thing?
We already have a thing on Mondays called #mascmonday where we get to look at good looking faces?!?

Sakurai add me to Smash already! Awesome commission made by @firstprogenitor !!! Thank you so much 🎶 🎺 💀



Donation to a not for profit community interest centre help needed 

They never had to explain what a replicanti s for, or why they're dangerous. No explanation why everything is so Asian. They trusted the viewer to figure it out for themselves and it makes the whole thing that much more compelling

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Imagine someone trying to made a movie like this today. There would be 50-60 lens flares and 10x the explosions

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God blade runner is such a unique movie

Ever since awoo was added to join mastodon we've got about 1 new user a day. Few of them have turned out to be bots tho

I don't hate my brother but god having conversations with him is hard

:420: shenanigans 

:420: shenanigans 

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