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tales from taco bell 7/? 

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tales from taco bell 3/? 

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tales from taco bell 2/? 

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men be like ive never met a girl who liked movies before

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Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of

tbh if humans are letting you down, turn to the gods

also I prayed to freya last night. I lit incense and prayer candles and offered her some white wine. it was cool

omg i just remembered my bf comes home in an hour!

also, all my cats are here. they are a very big part of why I love my home

I just cleaned the house and now I'm enjoying home-made pour over coffee, cereal, left over pizza, and sweet potato pie. breakfast feast!!!!

I love domestic life. I thrive best in a home with just me and a loved one, away from my toxic family

What is this pooh bear quiz everyone is talking about

Cats are too good... too pure... my cat knows when I'm sad and will bring me one of her favorite toys. Idk how she can tell

My bosses are trying to fire me lol jokes on them cuz I'm gonna quit faster than they can build a book

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They also act like smokers are st00pid and beneath them which makes me Mad

They act like smoking a few cigarettes on the weekend is a slippery slope to suddenly smoking a pack every two days and spending $80 a month on cigarettes

My parents, doctor, siblings, and coworkers: stop smoking! Its addictive!
Me: hasn't smoked in 2 weeks cuz I got bored of it

I'm gonna get back into making floral arrangements. I think it'll make my house rly pretty

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