anime girl: is a mean elitist bitch with long dark hair
me: 😍😍😍😍

Trains have been passing through town all night

Fuck recipes that are like "2 teaspoons of cinnamon" you can't taste that shit. Might as well just think rly hard about a little bit of cinnamon while I'm cooking

Overwhelmed by my thoughts and emotions

Me: I like it when guys call me niña
Bf: uh that's really derogatory
Me: I know what I'm about son

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I'm out here like Nancy drew trying to solve the mystery of the Not Loading Images so many ppl seem to be experiencing. My thoughts? Demons did it

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Like,,,a solid 60-70% of the time I see a post about "vibes" I initially think it's about adult toys

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ED recovery motivational phrase 

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"Die Neuen Strahlen" ("The New Rays"), illustration from an article about the discovery of X-rays, Jugend, 1896.

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these kids and their vapes. nobody’s ever got a damn light...

Outside: 65 degrees F
Texans: yay! Cold weather!

I don't identify as pansexual but I will freak out if you put my nonstick cookware in the dishwasher

This is a message for me and whoever else needs to hear it: it is okay to half ass things. Stop getting caught in perfectionism and do what you need to do.

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