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I want to apologize because a lot of my mufos in the past have been huge fucking creeps. I genuinely had no idea, which I think is actually damning on my part, because I should have had an idea. That I didn’t see it means I need to do some work on my own.

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Hello! I’m Madeline and I’ve started a new account over here at Awoo. I’m a big gay cat person but I do not hate dogs (so Red please don’t kick me off your instance). I post about whatever nonsense enters my head, because it’s fun. You’ll probably see the occasional music, game, politics, and sadpost amongst my detritus. I like to write and hike and shit.

im playing a sax, standing on a moving schoolbus. that schoolbus? its called life

r/dogswithjobs, because even being an animal has to suck in 2019

*ben gibbard voice* I will follow you into the park

@j997922 and then. you’re looking up at the tv while eating at mcdonald’s, and you see on fox news that the president is planning on sending you through nicotine withdrawals

one day youre doing e boy tik toks. the next you’re working at a call center trying to afford gerber

the cursed ahegao emojo of cryptography

what if you had this typical trap hi-hat as a button and call it hatty 808?

It's not that scary things get to me as much as it is my brain saying "you need to feel bad and scared, let's find something to focus on to help you get there"

generations grew up in the shadow of clint eastwood movies, thinking that you could be badass and skinny. not knowing the truth, that a real cowboy will eat whatever he wants, not caring about his stomach exploding. like john wayne

Clint Eastwood: *squints menacingly*
Bad Cowboy: *twitches finger over holster*
Clint Eastwood: How do you like your eggs
Bad Cowboy: I like em.. over easy

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