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Hello! I’m Madeline and I’ve started a new account over here at Awoo. I’m a big gay cat person but I do not hate dogs (so Red please don’t kick me off your instance). I post about whatever nonsense enters my head, because it’s fun. You’ll probably see the occasional music, game, politics, and sadpost amongst my detritus. I like to write and hike and shit.

I'm rambling on about how nerds don't understand game dev but I do think the principle is generally applicable. massive amounts of labor are hidden in any kind of product. it often seems like nerds think games only take slightly longer to make than they do to play, instead of several orders of magnitude more.

Marx probably has something interesting to say about this but it's too late for me to think about Capital

The description for Frozen 2 calls Elsa and Anna "the most beloved sisters in film history" which, hmm, but also, we really don't have many famous sisters in movies do we?

for real tho, if you ever need any content warnings for a movie, check out

it doesn't just warn for animal death anymore. a ways back it started adding more and more content warnings.

it's gotten to warning for specific kinds of deaths, specific kinds of trauma and abuse, hatecrimes, specific mutilations, addictions, etc.

it's really really helpful for people with any kinds of triggers for stuff like that.

finitely recursive content warnings

one thing i find very cute about some sci-fi movies and stories is the arrogance of thinking that intelligent machines would have any use for us

i would be LUCKY to be a matrix battery 😭

Hey what if we revived Hamlet but she’s clearly a girl this time?

queering heterosexuality by starting a podcast with the boys (no homo)

I imagine there's at least one person in the world with two folders on their desktop:

work stuff (not porn)
work stuff (porn)

British people don't have disposals in their kitchen sinks

That's how we ended up with Christmas puddings

Me: “We need to get rid of ALL advertising for medical corporations!”

Them: “What about the cute wolf doctor in the Symbicort commercials?”

Me, through gritted teeth, tears streaming down my cheeks: “Yes, even Cindy”

Let me be clear, I want the public to know that I officially endorse the statements of @CoughingSound and @Cough. We see eye-to-eye on many important issues facing us and I believe that working together in the spirit of partisanship we can achieve great things*. In some ways (but most importantly, in a very literal sense), uh, they are me and I am them.

*for example, finally making a good post

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