the next time someone tries to feed you a line of bullhonkey that “old school trans don’t understand NB people,” remind them that the trans pride flag includes a white stripe as an explicit acknowledgment of NB people.

It was included at the suggestion of a 50 year old trans woman. In the year 2000.


Trans people have for also historically used a loooooot of words for what we now call non-binary, and a lot of novelty pronouns. You can find non-binary voices in the 1930s trans communities if you are willing to listen.

The 'old school trans people' that 'don't get it' are not that different from teenage truscum. There are people like that in every generation but it doesn't say anything about how non-binary the past was.

@madcat the trans group i go to has people twice my age and none of them complain about nonbinary folx who also go there

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