i can see how someone might start to feel quite good about themselves if this is the personal history they carry around!

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i heard there are people out there who feel quite capable and who build on accomplishments with further accomplishments. i bet that would be awesome.

finished 2 zines that i'd been meaning to do for a long time yesterday!

the collages i had from a long time ago. i've been meaning to put them in a zine & finally got around to it.

the envelope art is something i've been thinking about for a long time. finally got it together to do it yesterday. sooooo much paper scrap afterwards lol.

zine length is about as long of a story as i can come up with. in fact, all you have to come up with is a series of scenes.

with your standard 1 folded page zine, that's as few as 3 scenes if you make them all a 2 page spread and have a separate cover & back cover. so my story can be as small as 3 scenes! or even 3 ideas. doesn't have to even be a story...can be 3 random things.

but if you can make a 3 scene story...you can make a story w/more scenes. build up.

sorry love zines too much.

i have been informed that today is not monday as i thought it was, but that it is sunday!!!! i feel like i have been given a gift from the gods! 😭

getting myself to do $ work is like squeezing metal out of a tube of toothpaste.

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gotta start up the crab rave in my heart to do some of this work tonight >_<

it's "clean up and organize tiny shit that has piled up" day :[ i did it to myself. i let the tiny shit pile up.

pulled a mexican loteria card today (that's my deck lol). la araña. classic. >_<

tux the cat has come to inform us that it has begun to rain. thank you buddy.

oh man, this ancient lychee gummy edible has not lost potency @_@

you ever just...dream about whales flying above the ocean in the clouds, making bioluminescence?

wearing my jess (jean dress) today 👍

made my first birb watercolor. the whole time i was making him, i was thinking of falseknees.com, the gold standard (for me) of birb watercolor.

this was supposed to be an orange-fronted yellow finch which is apparently different from the saffron finches we have here (doh).

the spiders are building some kind of epic 3D structure in the middle of our common area. it's like watching aliens build something in your living room & hoping it's just a device to take them all home.

tried to do a watercolor of the sick lightning storm we saw the other night @_@

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