i really really really hate that the concept of "importance" gets applied to people

like this weird pressure we have to Be Important somehow?? like making a lot of money is something we all complain about making ppl important but it goes beyond that? you shouldn't feel pressure to make something incredible or do something hugely self sacrificial or be Super Duper talented at some skill like. importance as a concept breaks down so rapidly when applied to humans

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i'm not even sure how to explain this incredible anger i have about this. you don't have to be important to anyonr. you don't have to be anyone's hero or soulmate or perfect parent or whatever the fuck. you can live your whole life working a simple job and never get married or have kids and be very ill and struggle and that doesn't make your life sad or meaningless? life doesn't even have a meaning we're just supposed to live?

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whoever you are and whatever you do you'll just.... be sad and struggle sometimes and be happy and flourish sometimes and everyone has different happiness/sadness ratios and the Are Not affected by the things you produce. they just are that way

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so like.... god just fuck "meaning" and "significance" and "importance" as concepts applied to human lives. you don't need to be anything. you don't need to prove yourself or accomplish anything. and that sounds sort of lazy and defeatist but i honestly believe when we stop pressuring people to Be Important; to create beauty, to be loved, to help others, people are suddenly 8000% more into doing those things

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when we just let people exist and encourage them to do it in a way that makes them comfortable..... they are able to produce those incredible things we want to see. humans naturally create art, seek knowledge, help others, form bonds and families

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right after i joined mastodon i saw a post (idr who it was from) that said smthn like "it's really painful how things like art and dancing are considered something you have to be good at instead of things that all humans do, as naturally as eating or breathing" and i think about that all the time. the things that we naturally do have been commodified and portrayed as somethint to struggle for, as things that only The Best are allowed to do. when without that pressure, we would all just do them??

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and there would be more art and more knowledge and more compassionate acts and more of these things we're taught that only a few can do and iakdhdiwkhehfjjfj i'm sorry this has been a very long and pretentious rant

You Are Not Letting Anyone Down By Not Creating, By Not Taking Better Care Of Your Health, By Not Being Kinder, By Not Learning More. These Are Things That Have Been Taken Away From You. You Were Always Supposed To Be Able To Do Those Things, And Loved And Valued Even If You Couldn't alright sorry i'm done

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@burgin i am very angry but it's like a good angry. the angry you feel when you realize something is hurting you and then you find the words to talk about it. i want things to be better we all deserve better

@myconidiosyncracy thank you for these words, this has been rattling around in my brain as well lately 💜💜💜

@myconidiosyncracy thanks for sharing this rant Tristan, it does you a lot of credit.

@myconidiosyncracy thank you for all of this. it’s stuff I’m trying to internalize, myself

@csalzman shit dude i've actually read this article before! it's really good but i would take this a step further. people aren't all monetizing their hobbies because of social pressure or culture, they're doing it because it's literally the only way they can afford to. they don't have the spare time or money to dedicate to something that's just fun.

@myconidiosyncracy I wish I was told all of this sooner in life. To this day, my dad pushes me to be important, to create important work, to do something meaningful. If I don’t then I’m just wasting everyone’s time like I owe people something just because I’m a creative. If I’m not important then all of those years of my dad raising me might as have been for nothing.I can’t tell him otherwise or else I’ll be called lazy and having no plan and thusly kicked out. He’s an artist too,I don’t get it

@goongumpa this is so shitty. parents seem to be among the worst offenders of the whole "you have to be important" deal. from like having ur own kids to careers to health to whatever else. it's so fucked because family above anyone else should be the people who support you unconditionally

@myconidiosyncracy a while ago I saw this BUFU post about a class at the WYFY school, where the presenter says "art = the function of life expressing itself" & honestly that changed the way i see the world a little bit

source (second slide):

@myconidiosyncracy the absolute impossibility of my being truly the best at anything in a world with billions of other folks is a blessing

@myconidiosyncracy I've been a professional photographer. It's often hard to make ends meet (and hasn't been my primary gig for a long time), but I wouldn't change a thing. The flipside is that photography is accessible to almost everyone these days - 30 years ago, you had to spend money on gear and development.

These days every phone has a camera and people use them to express themselves. There is perhaps less of a sense of craft about it all these days, but more of a sense of humanity IMO.

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