imagine thinking people who are cutesy and kind and gentle are "naive" and not like, freakishly powerful for existing in this world for more than 6 years and not becoming cynical and miserable

the amount of work and self care that must go into being sweet and trusting and patient with people almost constantly?? unfathomable! and *you* get to reap the benefits. *you* get to know a real neat cute person who like, cries about animals and probably bakes us cookies an stuff

@hyggend @julia i hope you both know that you're incredibly pure and joyful to be around and also are both really really nice to me?? so congrats on accomplishing The Nice Person Aura

@myconidiosyncracy it's not easy, dear god it's not easy, but this is what i aspire to be for other people. it's good to be nice 💖

@myconidiosyncracy i'm very bad at actually doing things for people (or myself tbh) so the best I can do is being as nice and supportive and open-minded as I can be. Gotta give back to the lovely people I meet.

@rick_777 @myconidiosyncracy @hyggend @julia :blobcatsurprised: :blobcatlove: am honored! am only a smol .exe.... am glad that i can be a helpful

@netkitty you are one of the best things on my timeline honestly

@myconidiosyncracy @hyggend oh thank u so much!! I just woke up and checked my phone and this really made my day! :blobcatlove:

and I hope you know that you too have that Nice Person Aura and generally friendly and kind and approachable 💖💖💖

@myconidiosyncracy This is probably the most affirming thing I have read over at least the past year of my life.

@myconidiosyncracy being cutesy and kind and gentle is all I have left in this world

@myconidiosyncracy I don't know you, but here to appreciate you because good lord, what deep truths 🙌

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