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Unsolicited dms when i don't even know you? That's a blockin'

Following when you've got no toots and no avatar and your bio only talks about # linux? That's a blockin'

Any mention of bitcoin in your profile? That's a blockin'

Having a pepe fucking anywhere? Oh you better believe that's a blockin'

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Who would win?

My dad wanted to know why it's called The Mandalorian if there are other mandalorians and he's not the only one. I guess he's right and technically it should be called A Mandalorian

Anyway, good night

@Tel @taweret if this doesn't inspire someone at the first internal screening to say "now we are all sons of bitches" it will be because no one there can recognize the enormity of what they've done

@taweret @witchfynder_finder He looks he was held up at gun point to dance to a particular maybe racist Bangles song that was stuck in my head just looking at that pose

Christmas is justified in its entirety by pictures of cats staring at Christmas trees like someone just put a bunch of twitching mice on a stick made of catnip

furiously calculating which part gets pounced on first and if this could be some kind of a trick at the same time

@taweret any joy I might have found in being right in my prediction is ashes because a Funko movie is in production

Who would win?

Piglet always puts any change he gets in the cup holder of his car thinking he'll use it in drive thrus but he never does and it just keeps piling up :Piglet:

Piglet had a higher midichlorian count than anyone in the Hundred Acre Wood. :Piglet_wave:

Piglet tells people Link to the Past is his favorite video game but he never actually finished it :Piglet:

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