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Unsolicited dms when i don't even know you? That's a blockin'

Following when you've got no toots and no avatar and your bio only talks about # linux? That's a blockin'

Any mention of bitcoin in your profile? That's a blockin'

Having a pepe fucking anywhere? Oh you better believe that's a blockin'

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switching back and forth between accounts just to confuse people

pizza is an absolute giant ball of muscle and claws took one look at Larry over here, outraged by a lot of "correa rips one", "atluve rips one" in a calm, rational manner why he cannot have a masto account?

hi there! is shutting down soon :( so i will be moving here over the next couple weeks

@Red also @mal should join us or at least make an alt or something

Really I feel like almost everyone at should go to the star trek instance. That's all we talk about anyway

What do you say @Red ?

i will never not use a stated assumption of monotheism to remind you that polytheism exists


It's been interesting to watch capitalism slowly doing away with private property. Most commercial software is moving towards subscriptions, devices are locked from their users, cars can only be serviced by authorized dealers. Nobody actually owns anything, they just rent it.


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