The real second coming of kahless is anarcho-syndicalism



I'm as pro union as anyone but somehow I think it'd be a hard sell to klingons

@mal @taweret tell them it's as foolish to avoid collective bargaining as casting aside your bat'leth when your opponent will keep his

@robotcarsley @taweret

yeah but in general klingon society seems v hierarchical

@mal @taweret thus the need for the proletariat to fight the true enemies of the Empire, the aristocracy

@robotcarsley @taweret

yeah but my point is that everyday prole klingons seem very spooked into respecting hierarchy, like even moreso than most IRL people under capitalism on Earth

@mal @taweret so you rally them behind a leader who rose on merit and never forgot his beginnings: Martok.

@robotcarsley @taweret

so you're saying we just need to convince martok and then he convinces all the other klingons?

@mal @taweret just have to show him that even as chancellor he'll never be able to ensure an equitable future for all Klingons; the great houses will see to that. Only by declaring the illegitimacy of the high council can he fix things.

@taweret I want to see a re-creation of the Monty Python "strange women lying in ponds distributing swords" scene from Holy Grail but with Klingons and it's Kahless

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