if you don't mind, can you regale us with progress of kitten integration :blobcatcoffee:

@mal a little bit ago Wotan was eating from his puzzle when loki jumped up onto it.

and Wotan hide behind me.

from the kitten


omg Wotan

is Sieg still handling things better?

@mal Siegfried is guarding his box otherwise he doesn't seem to care



even if Wotan is being a goof still sounds like things are going smoothly (at least, as smoothly as they can ever go with a kitten haha)

@mal yep. lost internet for a bit there because Loki stepped on the surge protector the router is plugged into :Loki:

@taweret that might be the most kitten face to ever have kittened...



The reason Wotan cowers in the tower and Siegfried is banished to the box!

Also, are you sure Loki is a regular kitten? This picture disturbingly resembles a gremlin that was fed after midnight 😬

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