i mean it, makers of the Picard show.

Just give me married Garak and Bashir.

I don't care what you do with any of the other characters.

You can strand them in the delta quadrant. You can make Picard a borg again. I don't give a fuck.

Just bring out Garak and Bashir and have them explain how they've been happily married since the end of the Dominion war.

Please and thank you 🙏

@taweret What about Ezri though? Polyam family?

Spoiler (Picard trailer) 


"Good evening, Doctor. Try the wine. How is your husband?"

"That's rather a sore subject, sir. It turns out that two decades of marital bliss was nothing more than a cover story for an Obsidian Order intelligence plot."

And then the rest of the episode is mostly flashbacks as the two of them investigate the suspicious kayaking death of Miles O'Brien.


(Of course, they would start the episode by explaining who killed O'Brien and then spend the rest of the episode justifying it. In proper Cardassian literary style.)

@SelfsameSynonym @apLundell @taweret I can more easily imagine Garak *in tears with no snark left* (then very angry) tracking down O'Brian as the one person left he can trust to investigate and avenge Julian's death. That would be a fascinating buddy cop movie.

@SelfsameSynonym @apLundell @taweret "Keiko, I know you f don't trust Garak, but I have to go with him."

"Over my dead body!"

"Julian's dead."

"Close enough. Kick some ass, but call me and updated, and do you need any sandwiches for the ride?"

@max @SelfsameSynonym @apLundell @taweret

Kill: Tarantino Star Trek movie
Fuck: Wachowski Sisters Star Trek series
Marry: Cohen Brothers Noir Queer O'Brien Revenge Tale

@apLundell @taweret

He died at least twice, but he was still well enough to suffer by the end of the episode.

Wait, actually he died like two or three times in just the episode where he keeps jumping in time, but there's also the clone who thought he was Miles and died just after learning he was a clone.

O’Brien’s suffering (gets dark) 

O’Brien’s suffering (gets dark) 

O’Brien’s suffering (gets dark) 

O’Brien’s suffering (gets dark) 

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