Omg my dad just texted me to remind me of something extremely important:

Today is Wotan's birthday! πŸŽ‰
He is 3 years old today!
And I think at this point, Wotan has earned some birthday boosts :Wotan_shocked: :wotan:

@taweret Wotan has the most mesmerising eyes, they're like little planets <3 Happy birthday! πŸŽ‰

@taweret Happy bithday Wotan, mastocat with the mightiest name and some of the finest sense of style.

@taweret Happy birthday Wotan. I hope you get to celebrate with lots of Dreamies

@taweret happy birthday sharp-dressed 😺😻😻😻


from wotan to another let me say/sing, "Heut, hast du's erlebt!"

@taweret ok Kara would be all "we must celebrate the birth of the All-Father" but I'll just say, nice cat

hope he's getting on better with Loki

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