Because you watched ds9 we thought you might enjoy these completely unrelated programs...


Netaflix, is your algorithm okay? It seems a bit confused

@lyliawisteria @taweret iT's ToO dAmN hOt FoR a bUnCH oF rEdShIrTs tO bE wAlKiN aRoUnd

@interneteh @taweret Who could forget that time Adam Sandler joined Brent Spiner in a touching Sherlock Holmes holodeck episode?

@erinbee @taweret Sandler Trek is my new favorite bit. Unfortunately I know more about Sandler than I do Trek

@max i refuse to believe it's even based on what you watch. There seems to be no relation to it

@taweret It's based on what "everyone" watches, in a blender of random numbers and probabilities that don't mean anything to anyone. Feed it enough garbage, pretend the garbage that comes back out means something because you don't what the meaningless parts do. GIGO washed through pseudo science, "deciding" if we need more seasons of good shores or more Adam Sandler lowest common denominator movies. Algorithms are garbage

@taweret TNG: Has a character played by a white woman, The Good Place: Has a character played by a white woman
TNG: Has Wil Wheaton, Murder Mystery: Has Adam Sandler
TNG: Had a spin-off with Jeffrey Combs, Criminal Minds: Has an episode with Jeffrey Combs
TNG: Is about a communist military in space, so tankie adjacent, Age of Tanks: Tankie adjacent

"you watch too much Trek; we think you should broaden your horizons and explore strange new series."

white chicks and modern family are my odd ones out based on Stranger Things.

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