no one wants to talk about how the pizza was just sold in a plastic bag? just a bag of pizza?

@Red you would think so but no. pizza hut just wants you to putt putt

@gdkar its the sticker on the one guys ass that makes it art

@taweret So did he just piss off people until they all joined his pizza party?

@violet did they all chip in for the pizza then? or did he piss off people and then assuage their anger with pizza?

@taweret Putt Putt, refers to the way he had to run away in a shitty mini-car the to, refers to a preposition that leads to Pizza Hut, which is a shack with what we must assume is pizza(even though no proof that it is pizza too).

@taweret Back when TV commercials had the same budget as a YouTube video does now.

@taweret also, things like this help me better understand my parents’ generation

@taweret that man in a tiny car is a menace! There ought to be a law!


Putt putt in the hut
I said putt putt in the hut
You wanna do it in the hut, Pizza Hut?
I said putt putt to Pizza Hut.

@SelfsameSynonym its probably fine as long as you don't try to stack them

@taweret I realized that this is probably part of what old people mean when they say “the good ol days”

It isn’t just pining for when the law explicitly catered to their bigotries, it’s also nostalgia for the days when you could drive a toy car to buy a bag of pizza

@taweret if I order pizza and it's not delivered by a tall asshole in a tiny car, I refuse to pay

@pig you should demand to speak to a manager and then when you talk to the manager, demand a free bag of pizza

@taweret pitching a force ten tantrum when they hand me a box, like I don't know any better

@mngrif @taweret then hurry up and deliver my damn food !!

@pig @taweret i'm walking out the door with it now, if i didn't have to reply to this post it would already be on its way KAREN

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