Also if Disney is gonna remake shit they should remake Cat From Outer Space

@taweret didn't they do that in the 90s? Or was that "That darn cat"

@taweret @RexfordGTugwell I saw this on TV when I was too young and found it upsetting. (Bad guys chasing kids in the dark, and I think maybe there's a grownup who you're never quite sure can be trusted) Didn't they make 'Witch Mountain' remake/reboot thing with The Rock a few years ago, or was that a fever dream

@taweret @RexfordGTugwell Another one from that weird "Disney movies that were way too dark for little kids but parents let them watch because it's Disney so it must be fine for kids" era

@RexfordGTugwell @taweret Definitely some thematic similarities between those stories! I'm very fond of Something Wicked This Way Comes, I didn't see it until I was basically grown up but it pushes all of my buttons and I think it's quite good; Jonathan Pryce and Jason Robards!

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @taweret Haven't seen the movie. Read the book, and...Bradbury doesn't always work for me.

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