this guy reviews funko pops on youtube.

like, that's what he does.

but wait, you ask, aren't they all the same hideous little plastic homunculi?

yes, they are. regardless, here is a grown man reviewing them on youtube

also civilization is canceled. it had a good run but that's quite enough now


I.... kinda need to watch one of these videos now. Out of morbid curiosity

@mal i should have linked this one. it's a review of - wait for it - ad icon funko pops

@mal yep.

we live in the timeline where a man is on youtube reviewing a jolly green giant funko pop

so. yeah.

fuck everything 🤷


somehow this guy's review sounds like the fact sheet lmfao

"yellow suit, blue tie, uhhhhhhhh, buttons?"

@mal what's he supposed to say? they're all the same fucking thing 🤣


colonel sanders fucking funko pop

holding a little bucket of chicken

jesus christ


he reassures his audience that the colonel sanders funko pop isn't too hard to find and they can preorder it on amazon

is this real life?


yeah I mean it's honestly brilliant

get people to pay to market your brand for you

brands were a mistake, funko pops are merely the logical conclusion

@mal watching him open a $50 dollar funko pops mystery box and i, just...

is this real life?

@mal the first pop from the mystery box that he spent 50 goddamn dollars on is justin timberlake


he has an app on his phone that he uses to check the "value" of the mystery box funkos

this guy is every corporations wet dream

@violet @taweret

pRIcE iS An eFficIenT MEanS oF ComMUnIcaTiNG iNFoRmATioN ovEr DIsTanCe

@mal @violet holy shit you guys

he has a golden girls skateboard on the wall in the background

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@mal @violet but at least the production contributed to climate change so... :facepalm:

@taweret @mal don't you know that you Must Buy Things and it's Very Important?

@Red you need to watch this grown man review a colonel sanders funko pop. it's amazing

@taweret He probably gets paid fairly well for it too, but folks doing good stuff here are struggling to get by

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