Liberals don't like anti-capitalism but they love anti-consumerism which is the victim blamers version of anti-capitalism

@taweret this is incredibly succinct and accurate. Nice job.

@taweret Not sure if *Real Simple* really counts as anti-consumerist, even. It's sort of Beyond™ Consuming. :P

very well put indeed imho.
just wonder
is it only victim blaming or a general self blaming?

a difference?
self blaming on account such as
if EveryIndividual did such and such
the world will be better -
seems to be fascistic.
(everyone should be compelled to do same thing..)

@taweret do you mind if I quote this on Tumblr? Can do so anonymous or with a direct link to you, whatever you prefer.

@taweret gonna minimalize so i dont have to be like all you ~consumerists~

@taweret getting this tattooed on my palm so i don't forget it next time someone does the "but you have an iphone" thing

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