@tesseract @taweret I’m not sure what’s weirdest about this one: Disney-brand Devil, or Walgreens Exclusive.

@max @tesseract from my journey down the rabbit hole of youtube funko collectors i have learned that funko routinely makes certain pops exlcusive to one store or another and walgreens is a big one they use for that along with target and hot topic

@taweret @tesseract Imagine the stores fighting over which one gets Disney-branded Devil.

Walgreens: We’re a ex-pharmacy that has become an everything store because capitalism has forgot how specialization works. Clearly this Disney Devil is a good representation of our brand, which should be visible on its box.

@max @tesseract but see collectors love those stickers that show their hideous plastic doll was an 'exclusive'

@taweret @tesseract Indeed. Nothing says “smart collector” like “failed to remove advertising spam from unrelated brand” 🤣

@max @tesseract sometimes the brand IS the collectible because we live in the darkest timeline

@taweret @tesseract Yes, I’ve seen that particular horror before on my timeline (and then again in my nightmares).

@taweret @tesseract Semi-related I think the first time I ever saw a Funko Pop was on some clip of a joke (that in hindsight was product placement) on Big Bang Theory. Never actually watched the show, figured I was missing some long running in joke where they were an invented for the show fake toy. These threads have only highlighted how nice it would be to still believe in a world where Funko was a crass joke on a terrible TV show.

@taweret that guy looks like someone who gets into a bar fight during a sports game.

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