@taweret researching soups for a response and found this horror:

"[For a gelatin-filtered consommé] since no heating is required, heat-sensitive materials, such as fruit juices, can be clarified by first adding a small amount of gelatin, then applying gelatin filtration. A number of non-traditional consommés, not based on stock, have been created using this method, including a "pretzel consommé", a "Doritos consommé", a "brown butter consommé", and a "spiced pumpkin consommé".

@wohali dear god. She's using cool ranch Doritos for this nightmare. Someone arrest this woman. Arrest her for food crimes

@taweret @wohali Okay but the brown butter could be really, really good. It's just that this person was too interested in "can it be done" to remember the other part: "should it?"

@lousycanuck @taweret yeah, i could see a nice brown butter consomme based ramen.

But @taweret is right, this woman needs to be arrested for her culinary crimes

@wohali @lousycanuck she is worse than that lady who was dipping chicken fingers into her soda

@taweret @wohali There should be a whole category of law that criminalizes food crimes. Maybe replace all the marijuana crime laws with crimes against food.


@lousycanuck @wohali i mean who is doing more harm, someone innocently enjoying some weed or this degenerate dipping chicken into soda with a flagrant disregard for all that is decent?


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