Both the star trek and star wars franchises were hugely improved when their original creators stopped being involved with them

@taweret "Thanks for the worldbuilding! We'll take it from here." People who can tell a story.

@taweret the history of the Star Trek franchise is far more took a letter writing campaign by thousands (if not millions) of women fans of the show to continue after the second season (note BJo Trimble after Harlan Ellison got a hold of her and her husband to help with the campaign) proud to call myself a Trekkie :blobcoffeeraccoon:


idk about star wars

the original trilogy is good whereas the prequels are a mixed bag

the newer stuff just feels very disney to me, which doesn't mean it's "bad" but I don't love it either


it's fine

I know the nerds disliked it which gave me an inclination to like it but I didn't


it had a lot of potential but just seemed very joss whedon-y to me

most of the disney stuff does tbh

@taweret @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Episodes 7 and 8 are both good movies.

... but at the same time, I'll be happy when I've seen Episode 9, because once I've seen that, then I can stop caring about Star Wars forever.

@taweret @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Even if I believed you, there's so many other TV series I want to watch first.

@apLundell @SeanAloysiusOBrien it's basically a really good western set in the star wars universe. and has Werner Herzog in it. as a bad guy. it's sweet

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @apLundell understandable. i only have access via someone who decided to be very nice

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @taweret

Part of the problem is that the more a show is designed for "binge watching", the more likely I'm going to think "Eh, I don't want to get into that right now."

And even worse, once I've put off finishing a series for more than a month, I feel like I should really start over from the beginning or I'll have trouble getting into it.

I think I've seen the first episode of Game of Thrones five times, but I've never seen the fifth episode.

@apLundell @SeanAloysiusOBrien @taweret Disney+ isn’t going for binge watching (and think Netflix was dumb doing that) and their shows are weekly episodic shows designed to be a weekly watch, hence why The Mandalorian is blowing up Mastodon and FB every week like clockwork right now. It’s fascinating.

@max @SeanAloysiusOBrien @taweret

I was referring more to the writing of the shows than their actual release schedule.

Game of Thrones read definitely written with binge watching in mind, but they released weekly.

@apLundell @SeanAloysiusOBrien @taweret

So was I, which is why I ignored GoT as example. (Wasn’t fun to me and I didn’t like how it was written, and it definitely wasn’t written episodic.)

Each Mandalorian episode has a classic “Last Time On” recap. It is a *serial* in ways that pre-90s shows never were, but it also is a lot more self-contained episode to episode than a lot of Binge culture shows are. Disney+ trying to square the circle of modern episodic.

@max @SeanAloysiusOBrien @taweret fair enough.

Even if I don't watch it, I'm glad tv is rebounding from the fad of just making 20 hour long movies.

@taweret The best TOS episodes are the ones produced when Roddenberry took a long vacation and left the show in Gene Coon's hands. Then he came back from vacation, saw the dailies of The Trouble With Tribbles, and said "OMG WHY SO MUCH LAUGH IN MY SERIOUS SCI-FI" and fired Coon.

@taweret though on the other hand, TOS season 3 was produced without Roddenberry also.

@taweret Utterly backwards. The only good Star Wars is the trilogy, Marvel comics, and a few EU books. The only good Star Trek is TOS, TAS, movies I-VI minus V, and a few John M. Ford & Diane Duane books.

Everything post is corporate fanfic designed to sell you merchandise. Burn it to the ground and watch something new.

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