Okay I found it but you know what would be nice? If when I muted or blocked someone i could write a little comment to myself as to why I muted them because now I'm looking at this list and I have no idea why I muted any of these people

@taweret yup!! like-- did i mute them because they were livetooting a tv show or something and it was intended to be temporary? or did i mute them because of something toxic?

IIRC there is a feature request somewhere for adding notes to user accounts.

@fedilab on #Android does support client-side user notes btw; might help in the mean time if you can run it on your kindle?

Alternatively, if your mutes usually fall into certain categories, you could create separate lists for them? e.g. lists named mute-livetooters, mute-dramaroyalty, mute-temp?

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