If you are not familiar with the story of the UFO that allegedly crashed in a tiny town in Texas in 1897, here's the original newspaper article

you're welcome

@healyn do you know about the 1800s alien that crashed? what are your thoughts?

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@taweret oh my God imagine what that funeral must've been like

@kioskwitch it's such a weird and charming story and i love it

@taweret why is this not a movie!! Small town hosts funeral for crashed alien pilot? I would watch the hell out of that

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @healyn of all the ufo stories ever this is the one that i most want to be true


if I was an alien I would simply not drink while driving and destroy judge proctor's flower garden

@EnlightenedFeralBoy i love it. there apparently really was a grave with a grave marker which has since been moved

@taweret i remember watching history channel shit about it and then one show tried to do radar or sonar on one of the supposed grave sites. Hilarious

@taweret holy shit holy shit holy shit I am ALL ABOUT THIS!!!

Why do you never hear about this one when talking about UFO stories???

@witchfynder_finder because these days the ufo shows are all about racist nonsense about how pocs couldn't have ever built anything without help :(

@taweret the poor flower garden!

I love, though, that the alien writes a paper journal.
A bit like how in the Expanse they have smart phones.

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