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Whiteness WANTS you to be afraid of betraying it. It controls us with GUILT, FEAR and SHAME

Betray it anyway

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im sorry i comment on everything but also I LOVE to fuckin TALK so here we are

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A cat went to space and lived and her name was Felicitte

the only thing I think Nintendo has the right idea about with their online service is that they correctly understand that I don't want to talk to strangers I meet playing video games

hello my friends. I hope you've all been taking gentle care of yourselves. if you're thirsty or hungry or gotta peepee, pls do so <3

I've been binge watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, on season 8 rn, fuckin ay is everyone on this dang show lol

when Q said 'y'all don't get to go further into space humans are trash'
that was true

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying


25% off Sitewide at Colourpop
50% off Everything at Torrid with an additional 15% off using code Extra15 🎉

I found a really good tutorial breaking down coding basics here for this language and it’s rly helping!!

@garfield (a fucking nuclear bomb goes off)
oppenheimer: wow big mood tbh

Alrighty I gotta get my eyes off the screen before bed 😭 love y’all be safe make good choices and do good drugs

death to France, death to Spain, death to England, death to colonizers the world over, but most importantly, #deathtoamerica

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