Hot take 

One day I’ll be cancelled for hating comics on main

I’m so pleased rn. I kinda promised myself as a self love thing that I would make my bed my temple. I love bed. And then upgrading became necessary due to discomfort and now I’m about to upgrade so hard.

Them: my friends on a gab instance can you unblock them?
Me: .....blocks both

My berry boy in the kitchen, enjoying a previously inaccessible cubby

clearly the zombie virus is the only person who is "living mas"

I spent $200 on pillows today AND ordered the new mattress topper... I AM LEGEND

i steer the twinks along through the waves of life. my keen eye keeps them safe from threats, and my firm hand guides them to new shores.

Food, 💩 

Finally got somebody lotion and soap and glory and I feel so gorgeous

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