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*Reddit voice* I dunno if this has been posted before, sorry *posts meme that's been posted four times since noon*

i admire my cats instinctual urge to hunt and kill me


If you desperately need a reference for job-hunting, Emerican Johnson from Non-Compete is offering 5-star ratings if you send him a mail at emericanjohnson at gmail with:

What was your job title?
What notable accomplishments did you make working for me?
What dates did you work for me?
What qualities of yours really shined?

You were "working" for a small international digital marketing startup.

It's about that time of year when people start wondering things like "hey, why isn't DECEMber the tenth month of the year?"

So it's time for my little lecture on Romans, calendars, and our friend Gaius Julius Caesar.

I'll be posting it as a tootchain replying to this one, but if you're impatient, here's the whole thing:

So: β€œWhy isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

@juicebat me, pulling hundreds of bugs out of my coat pockets on the first date: choose one and choose wisely

advertising facts about yr special interest/hyperfixation like egregious spam clickbat

did YOU KNOW that WALT DISNEY was OBSESSED with D**TH ??



GOOO MASTODON! "By your powers combined, I am the Fediverse!"

The minute long intro to Dio's Holy Diver plays as I prepare a shitpost.

if anything anarchists have written has ever hit home, it's this sentence 

if charles xavier were a my little pony do u think he would have no tale and no mane

nonbinary history (+) 

🎊 giveaway time! 🎊

i am so grateful for all of the love from everyone this past year, and it seemed fitting that the prizes for my last giveaway of 2019 should include a little bit of everything πŸ–€

one grand prize winner will receive one of each physical item i have made this year, and three bonus prize winners will receive all of the bonus items i made this year.

boost to enter, winners will be drawn at random sometime before midnight on new year's eve

good luck! πŸ€

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