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1) Feds, cops, abusers, racists, TERFs, and fascists are not welcome here. MAP/NOMAP are not welcome either.
2) Treat your fellow churchgoers with the utmost respect, and be respectful in how you deal with those on other instances. Of course you may dunk on chuds, but please don't interfere with the technical workings of other instances, post "dox," or participate in abuse or harassment campaigns. This includes "screenshot dunking" which should not be done under any circumstances to anyone.
3) if you are slighted, please discuss your issues in a mature manner and avoid escalating the situation. We will happily defederate with anyone who responds poorly to de-escalation. To put a finer point on it, we will ban any user for any reason who is not engaging in good faith or causing problems.
4) Please cw lewd, violence and food posts, and label any selfies or pictures with eye contact with ec

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